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Reduce festive waste, rent a Christmas tree

Make it a greener Christmas. Your tree will continue to live on after Christmas. It’ll be cared for and
ready to be used again next year.

Kim with Christmas trees at Christmas tree hire Cornwall

Welcome to Christmas Tree Rental Cornwall

An opportunity to rent a pot grown LIVING Christmas Tree that can return to your home year after year.

We have both Norway Spruce and Nordmann Fir trees rental trees start at £20 (90-105cm tree)

Available from the 25th of November until the first week of January when they are returned to the fields and cared for until it’s time to go out again

Collect / Deliver & Return


You can either collect your tree or we can deliver it for you.

  • Available from :  Saturday 25th November
  • Return from :  3rd January to 10th January

Remember trees are living and all are different, and some have quirks, just like us!

Same Tree?


You can even rent the same tree next year. Many people name their tree and have the exact tree
again the following year.


Choose a tree to collect / deliver….

Name, decorate & enjoy…

Dont forget to look after it…

Return it until next year…

The benefits of renting a Christmas Tree

  • Recycling: you are re-using the same or similar tree each year
  • Zero waste; you are returning the tree to the supplier so there’s no waste
  • The ‘greenest’ Christmas tree choice
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Support a local business
  • Take away the worry what to do with the tree after Christmas
  • The tree lives on to continue to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • The trees are pot grown from a young sapling
  • You know where your tree has been grown and can guarantee its travel carbon footprint
  • Less hassle: you can have your tree collected and returned
  • Trees are grown in central Cornwall
  • Saving landfill; 7 million trees go to landfill every year and pine needles take much longer
    than normal leaves to decompose.
  • Hand planted and lovingly cared for