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How Does it Work?

A number of easy steps to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Christmas

Measure your space....

Carefully measure your space, our tree measurements are to be base of the pot to the tip of the

Choose your tree.....

You can pick your tree either in person or order it directly from us and allow us to select the tree for you.

Remember these dates 25th November : 2nd – 3rd : 9th-10th : 17th-18th  December!

This is when you can visit us to:

  • Select and collect your tree or
  • Select your tree and arrange for it to be delivered*

*See next tab for details

*If you are happy for us to select and deliver your tree for you, you can order before these dates

Our trees start from £20. You pay a small damage deposit which is refundable after returning the
tree in the same good condition it went home in.

Collection from….

Mitchell Fruit Garden,

Delivery....(if you can't collect)

We can deliver your tree is you want

However there are a limited number delivery slots so dont delay! Our drivers do group deliveries so specific days and times are not possible. However we can add a delivery preference. e.g. after 10th December or around the 16th.

Please let us know of any notes about your location e.g. stairs, access, parking etc.

There is a small charge for delivery and collection

Name and decorate your tree....

Name your tree and have the same one every year, let it become part of your Christmas tradition.
We will tag it to ensure you get the same tree. (Trees will normally grow 30cm every year.)

Decorate your tree, please no chemicals like spray tinsel, send us your on Facebook or Instagram as we love hearing the stories and seeing them all dressed.

Please only rent a tree if it can be return/collected on the dates listed and you can follow the care

Care for your tree....

You can find detailed directions on caring for your tree on this page. Or you can download a copy in PDF to keep

In very basic terms:

  1. Watering it every day
  2. Keeping it away from heat sources
  3. Having it inside for no longer than 3 ½ weeks

Return your Tree

Your tree must be returned to us at some point between the following dates

  • 3rd January – 10th January

If you had your tree delivered by us we will arrange a collection

If you would like the same tree next year don’t forget to let us know (if you gave it a name tell so we can share them on our website or even better share it on our Facebook or Instagram pages)

Choose your hired Christmas Tree
Choose your hired Christmas Tree