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Caring for your tree

So that the tree can continue to thrive after Christmas, it is essential that the renter takes good care
of it

Caring for your rented Christmas Tree


  • Acclimatise your Christmas tree if possible
      • Bringing it to an unheated treehouse, shed or garage for a few days before bringing it inside so it is not shocked by the sudden temperature change. Remember to water your tree.
  • Bring your potted tree in as late as possible
      • keeping it inside for no longer than 3 ½ weeks.
  • Water daily,
      • ½ litre of water every day (you will need a saucer under the pot – available to rent separately). It may get thirsty but take care not to over water it keeping the soil damp and moist. If you are going away unless someone else can water your tree this year may not be the best year to rent one
  • Locate your tree
      • Keep your tree at the right temperature and not in a spot that is hot or very cold, away from radiators, fires, log burners and if you have underfloor heating please raise the pot off of the floor.
  • Don’t prune
      • As the tree is rented, not owned, you should not trim it. Leave the shaping to the growers and make sure you choose a tree that is the right size and shape for your space.
  • Decorate your tree,
      • Please no chemicals like spray tinsel, send us your pic in Facebook or Instagram as we love hearing the stories and seeing them all dressed.
  • 3 ½ weeks
      • We advise on only having the tree indoors for 3 ½ weeks
  • After Christmas
      • As you prepare to say good bye to your tree make sure you have removed all your precious decorations.
  • Re-acclimatise your Christmas tree,
      • If possible bring it to an unheated greenhouse, shed or garage before bringing it inside.
  • If being collected
        • leave it outside on the day of collection in a secure place, if it is safe to do so.
  • Upon safe collection of your healthy tree your deposit will be refunded


Caring for your real christmas Tree
Caring for the rented Chrsitmas tree